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Across Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia is known for its hospitality and friendly townspeople. At Halifax Plumbing Pros we take that Halifax reputation and serve it with our business. We have been providing the same steadfast friendly service in this great east coast city for years. Hired and entrusted by many local businesses and Halifax homeowners we have all your plumbing needs covered.  Whether you need drain cleaning and water heater repair, or sewer cleaning and leak detection, we complete all of our plumbing services to the highest standard, and we do so with pride.


About Us

We’ve picked a great place to locate this business but why wouldn’t we pick Halifax? We’re from here! What started off as a hobby quickly became a passion. We were helping out friends with some repairs when it made sense that it was a calling and we should get professionally trained. For the years we have had our official storefront, and the time before that, with every plumbing job we have we bring our professional skills and expertise with our friendly attitude.

Halifax, NS

Our Top Plumbing Services

We are a talented group here at Halifax Plumbing Pros.  It is our intention that when one of our services we provide is asked for by a customer, we get to them and deliver the product flawlessly.  We are your emergency plumber, your  24 hour plumbing service, your water heater repair, and your  water heater installation.  We also do drain cleaning, tub installation and toilet installation. Anything you need plumbing wise, we most definitely can get it done for you.

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Emergency Plumber Near Me

Plumbing going wrong can turn into an emergency very quick. The water damage that can be done to your home or business can happen rapidly. This kind of nightmare scenario can be very expensive if not fixed in quick session to when it first started. That is why we have our emergency plumber service. It is essential that when you have a plumbing problem that came out of nowhere you can call someone you trust. Our emergency plumbing service is taken very seriously. We always have someone on alert waiting for your call.

Best Hot Water Heater Repair

Hot water makes the world go round. Without hot water it isn’t quite the same.  You need hot water to wash your dishes and to clean your clothes. In Halifax you certainly do not want to have a shower without hot water, especially in those colder months. If your hot water heater needs work we are trained to do just that for you.  It is important to get your water heater fixed so you can go on with your day.

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Local Hot Water
Heating Replacement

With all the above being said, if your hot water heater is unfixable a replacement is in order. Not only do we fix hot water heaters but we also replace them. This service is without a doubt one of our top specialties. We understand the importance of getting a job like this done as efficiently as possible so you can get back to your everyday routine including all those domestic necessities of hot water.

Drain Cleaning Services

You’ve just had your morning shower and the tub water isn’t going down the drain. Or when you did Sunday night laundry the basement sink backed up and flooded.  If you have a clogged drain we can help you with this. Our experts only bring the best tools and their qualified experience when drain cleaning.

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Residential Plumbing Experts

Indoor plumbing revolutionized history. It is a different world we live in because we have it and thank goodness that we do. For the maintenance of residential plumbing Halifax Plumbing Pros has you covered. We know all the problems that can arise and we have seen them all before. We get everything you need accomplished especially if you run into any problems.

Quick Dartmouth Plumber

Our appreciation for our hometown of Halifax doesn’t stop when ends. If we didn’t have Dartmouth we wouldn’t be, would we? Our plumbers go all the way to Dartmouth and bring the same stand up business that Halifax Plumbers Pro brings all over Halifax. Where we go our reputation follows.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

It was the worst. My kid flushed down her soother in the toilet just before we were all leaving for the day. She flushed it twice. The toilet started overflowing so we phoned Halifax Plumbing Pros.

They were there so fast and so helpful. They fixed the toilet and got out the soother- which we threw out of course- in a manner of minutes. The best Halfiax plumbing service around by far.”

- Carla P.

“Oh the darn water heater was out again and my daughter was getting married. We were going to be having a bunch of relatives out at our place.  We got those Halfiax water heater repair people. 

It turned out it didn’t just need repaired though. So the Halifax water heater replacement people came back and they set us up just in time before the weekend. I forgot their official name- Halifax Plumbing pros might be it.”

- Gary S.

“We were redoing our bathroom. Jake my husband said that he was the best Halfiax tub installation and the best Halifax toilet installation. His words, not mine.

When it came time to get down to it, he just phoned that Halifax plumbing place. They did a fantastic job and they cleaned up everything. I was very pleased.”

- Lucy R

Call Us Today For An Expert Advice

It was with great pride that we serve this part of the world. To us it is vital to have a business that is accessible to our clients. It is an easy thing to do when your clients are in Halifax because everyone here is so easy going. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are a company of qualified plumbing experts but if it wasn’t for our clients we wouldn’t here. We are happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

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