Can Hard Water Be Harmful?

One of the questions that most people have is whether hard water is harmful or not. Before looking at this issue of whether hard water is harmful or not, it is good to first look at what it entails. Hard water occurs if there is the presence of calcium and magnesium in your plumbing system. These two minerals lead to several issues that might not be necessarily harmful to your health but can cause adverse effects to your quality of life and the state of your plumbing system. Here are some of the ways that hard water can be harmful.

Lead to the accumulation of scale on your plumbing appliances and fixtures

If you notice the buildup of scale on your plumbing fixtures and appliances, chances are high there is the presence of hard water. Mineral deposits can start to show up on your showerheads and faucets. They might also be seen on your appliances such as dishwasher and coffee pot. The buildup can lead to bad taste to your water and make them have a bad look.

Dry hair and skin

Excess magnesium and calcium in your water can make your skin look dry and make your hair slimy immediately you come out of the shower. The water does not nourish your hair or skin. This means that when you get dry, you might feel your skin a bit chapped or make your hair brittle.

Cause your clothes to fade

Hard water affects your clothes washer. It strips the colour from your clothes quickly compared to treated water. The water might make your bedding and clothes feel scratchy as a result of the excess mineral substance in it.

Stained bathtubs and sinks

Hard water contains mineral residue that can cause staining of your bathtubs and sinks. Despite that it is easy to clean up the residue; you do not want to be cleaning your bathroom daily. Using soft water will help resolve this issue.

Cause regular plumbing repairs

If you have steel pipes, you need to know they are easily affected by hard water. They get damaged fast as a result of the accumulation of the minerals. Besides the rate of water flow is also affected, cause corrosion and many other piping problems. All these issues call you to carry out frequent plumbing repairs.

Increased water bills

With the accumulation of magnesium and calcium inside your piping system, it also means that your plumbing system will have to work harder to allow a smooth flow of water. This causes several problems including cracked pipes and leaks. With even minor leaks, you can expect your water bills to go up.

Increased clogging

With the accumulation of sediments from minerals found in hard water, there is a high risk of your pipe clogging. This can cause severe damage to your pipes and other inconveniences in your home.

Reduced lifespan of your appliances

The buildup of sediments from the hard water increases the risks of wear and tear on your pipes, water heater and other plumbing fixtures in your home. This can lead to a shortened lifespan of your fixtures and appliances.

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