Common Septic Tank Problems

If your residential or commercial property relies on a septic system, you need to check on the tank, the surrounding areas and the drain field. Despite that the system might be self-sustaining, if there is a problem, there are several problems that might occur. Some of the problems that might result include an overflowing or clogged tank. These are problems you can avoid easily without spending a lot of money. The following are some of the most common septic tank problems you should check always.


Any part of your entire septic system can get clogged. This is a problem that arises if you allow a lot of solid waste to accumulate or flushing the wrong materials. You need to stop flushing items such as cat litter, paper towels, and diapers. Besides, you need to perform regular cleaning to ensure no clogs occur. In case, you find there is wastewater accumulating in or outside your home; you need to schedule repairs with your plumber.


This is a problem that arises when your septic tank gets filled excessively. This can occur if you stay for too long before you drain the tank or filling it with solid waste. It can also arise in case you use excessive water in your home. When the tank gets filled with water, it overflows the entire system of baffles that help in separating solid water and water. When this happens, you can expect clogs down the system.


Even when your system is not affected by overfilling or clogging, you might notice an odor in a certain part of the septic tank or water accumulating over it. If there is a leak in the system, there might be a deposit of raw sewage on your home. The waste is a safety and health hazard and can lead to an inconvenient mess.

Tree roots

If you have trees in your home, their roots can be problematic to your septic system. When the trees or the shrubs grow, they might clog and infiltrate the piping system. If this problem is not addressed at the right time, it can lead to breakage and clogging of the pipes. You need to carry out regular inspection of the roots to determine the growth of the roots and have an issue addressed.

Poor installation and design

If you have a septic tank that is of the wrong size or installed improperly, it will not work correctly. This is a common problem that arises when you work with the wrong plumber to do the job for you. You need to work with a professional plumber to make sure that the surrounding topography, location, and dimensions are of the right code.

Wrong use of household cleaners

Incorrect emptying of cleaning products such as laundry detergents, disinfectants, chlorine, bleach and others in the septic tank, they destroy the bacterial balance found in it. This is because all these products have antibacterial properties. When they are left in the septic tank, they destroy all the bacteria that would otherwise digest all the organic materials found in the wastewater.

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