Common Shower Door Problems

Your shower door is prone to several problems. It is one of the most movable parts of your shower, so it is also prone to different issues that can cause it to malfunction. It is important you understand these problems and the best ways to solve them. Here are the most common shower door problems.

Shower door leaks

One of the most common shower door problems is leak. The leak might come from the corners that leak every time you shower or take a bath. When you recognize this problem, it shows there might be water damage on the baseboard, walls or the flow that is outside your shower. The challenge comes as it might be hard for you to recognize the part of the shower door that has a leak. So, it is advisable you ask your handyman to help you do the inspection and repair.

Shower door breaking or shattering

Another common problem is breaking or shattering of the shower doors. This is more especially if you have a glass shower door that is prone to breakage or shattering. This can be caused if the door is hit by an object or strong impact resulting from a banging the door. The problem can also arise if the shower door is installed incorrectly or there are runners or stoppers that are damaged.

Show door handle problems

Every time you enter your shower you use the handles. This makes them get loose and they are also prone to corrosion. They are connected using screws that can get loose easily making them fall or break off. This makes the door malfunction completely.

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