Dartmouth Plumber

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Our residential plumbing skills don’t have a border at the harbor. Halifax and Dartmouth are two sides of the same coin. We have employed some of our best plumbers from Dartmouth and others born and raised there have worked in the office. Whatever plumbing issues arise - installation, remodeling, or repairing- when it comes to Dartmouth our expertise extend to that side of the harbor, a place we so affectionately admire.

Our business has been around these parts for years and Dartmouth has always provided us with the most appreciative of regular clients. When Dartmouth has a plumbing problem we have the solution.



The name of our business may not be Dartmouth Plumbing Pros but we bring our honest worth ethic over to Dartmouth with the same consistency we have in Halifax. Our residential plumbing, our emergency plumbing, and our hot water heater repair are all available for the residents of Dartmouth from the same great location.

Our plumbers are professionals that with every job have consistency in their performance, expertise, and respectful manners.  We get to your residence fast and fix the problem quickly. When you need a plumber in Dartmouth or if you need a plumber in Halifax, we are going to be plumbers that have the best results.



We are a fast group here. We know how important it is to keep to our clients schedule. We make sure that we are properly prepared at all times with our tools and we always arrive on time, and act quickly. Even our emergency plumber gets to Dartmouth in record time. Never is it too long of a wait for our Dartmouth clients to get their service.

It also never takes too long for their service to be completed. Our high standard of training helps. Our plumbers so familiar with their work that the time it takes them to get a job well done it seems a flawless couple minutes flew by.



Our services at Halifax Plumbing Pros, available in Dartmouth and Halifiax, have the same professionalism that all our services do. Our employees are certified and trained to carry the high standard of our company.  We have built a reputation for being reliable professional and fast plumbers.

This reputation precedes us because it is grounded so strongly in fact. When we are serving you we put our best foot forward so you know that your residential plumbing issues are in trustworthy hands. If it is professional service you are looking for we are the ones to call.


Treated with dignity

When we enter your house in Dartmouth we come in with the utmost respect for your home.  Our services vary from leak location to garbage disposal repair. However our respect for our clients doesn’t vary. Every client we serve, every home we enter we come in with our professional a attitude and are mindful and careful of your home and its belongings.

If we make a mess when servicing your plumbing, we are not going to leave that mess. Anything we  bring into the apartment we take back out with us and leave the household the way it was when we arrived.

Halifax, NS