How to Replace a Toilet Handle

Do you have a toilet handle that requires replacement? No need to worry, it is easy to do the replacement, than you think. There are several reasons you might find it necessary to do the replacement. Some of them include when the handle breaks down, rust, pocked or when you find the handle outdated. It is not necessary for you to call your plumber to help in the process. You can save a lot of money by doing the replacement by yourself. Here is a well detailed guide on how to replace a toilet handle by yourself.

Remove the tank lid

The first step involves removing the tank lid and then set it on a spread out towel. Take care because the porcelain material is brittle and can be damaged fast. Check the model name or the number that is usually printed inside the tank. It is also critical you check the brand name found on its outside and write the details down. This information is vital when purchasing a new handle for replacement.

Unhooking the lift chain

One thing you note is that the toilet handle is usually attached to a long arm found inside the tank. The arm itself is also joined to a chain, which lifts the flush valve. Take note of the hole in which the chain is hooked because there are three or several holes it can be hooked. Unhook the clasp holding the chain to the arm.

Take away the old handle

Make use of a wrench to get rid of the nuts found inside the tank that holds the handle intact. Here, you need to be cautious because for many toilets, the nut usually has left handed threads. This means they turn reverse of the usual nut. In case you face the nut directly, you would turn it in the clockwise direction to make it loose. You should not force it, because in case you do this, the porcelain might crack. If there is rust in the nut, lubricate it if it is becoming an issue to remove. Once it gets lose, you can remove using your hand and then slide the arm via the hole.

Buy a replacement

You require a replacement known as toilet trip lever that has a swing arm and handle. You need to get one that fits your toilet in terms of brand, styles, finish and dimensions. You can seek help from your supplier or go for a supplier and show them the old handle, so that you get the one that is right for you.

Attach the brand new handle

Remove the nuts from the newly bought handle and insert the arm into the handle. Slide the nuts back over the toilet arm. Then, use your handle to turn it onto the base of the handle. Firm it using a crescent wrench, but do not over tighten it to avoid cracking the porcelain.

Attach the chain

Just clip similar hole like the old ones. Test with some flushes, to confirm it is opening and closing fully. If it is working right, replace the toilet tank lid and that is all.

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