Knowing More About Code of Ethics

Every plumber has a Code of Ethics to live by. It’s through this that they’re able to operate with utmost professionalism in a consistent and regular basis. These are guiding standards and principles that ensure clients receive the best possible plumbing services from licensed plumbers.

Most, if not all, licensed plumbers are members of the Plumbing Manufacturers International. Members of this organization are obliged to follow the ethical standards necessary in creating and maintaining the respect of regulators, customers, and communities.

So what’s up with this so-called Code of Ethics? Read on to have an in-depth understanding of this.


All licensed plumbers accept the fact that they’re most vital asset is integrity. These professionals ensure that they keep their word and ensure that they won’t promise more than what they can do.

Plumbers must implement their policies, not just in theory, but in the actual application of them through their service. Their respect for each other, for their clients, and for the entire community transcends their reputation.

Thus, it’s important for them to be involved in providing not only plumbing services, but plumbing products as well. Engaging in disparagement in the industry shouldn’t happen as this puts one’s reputation at risk.

Health and Safety

All licensed plumbers and plumbing companies should ensure a safe and clean environment for living and working. Complying with the current laws and regulations both locally and globally is essential to ensuring the highest possible service standards. All practices and company policies regarding sanitation should all be followed. Everyone’s health is also monitored by the company and is scheduled for regular medical checkup.

Compliance of Products

All plumbing products used for the company’s services should all adhere to state and federal codes. Requirements for the standards of performance, materials, and contaminants will also undergo further certification and testing by an appropriate agency.

Fair Competition

Licensed plumbers and plumbing companies are under the prohibition of unfair trade practices. Any abuse in economic powers and choosing to implement unjustifiable marketing methods that cloud one’s decision-making skills is heavily shunned. Competitiveness in the plumbing industry is stiff. However, this shouldn’t be a case for companies to do marketing propaganda that seeks to damage another company’s reputation.

Lobbied Activities

Lobbying is made possible thanks to the mutual recognition of all licensed plumbing companies. Regulations and laws concerning lobbying observe the highest standards of ethics and conduct. This makes it easier for clients to request for better plumbing services.

Effective Deals with Public Officials

The government sector is one of the major points of interest for plumbing companies. It’s because plumbing projects have direct implications to public areas even if they’re sanctioned by a private customer.

Thus, plumbing companies should use ethical commercial practices to ensure the safety and accordance of everyone. Also, any act of issuing kickbacks, bribers, or other illegal methods to gain a public official’s favour is a big no-no for licensed plumbers and plumbing companies.

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