Residential Plumbing

This is a picture of a residential plumbing.

If you do not have properly working plumbing in your house you feel like you are living in a different era. Without hot water dishes aren’t quite as clean. Without indoor toilets you don’t get the immediacy of going to use a bathroom in the middle of the night without thinking about it. A hot shower in the privacy of your home is something not to be taken for granted.

The way humans have evolved to live has changed history. Water running through households is very common but it is something that we must all appreciate. To maintain a well-run household having an excellent residential plumber makes a huge difference.


Your residential plumbing needs

When it comes to your residential plumbing needs, we have covered all your bases. When you need a Halifax plumber or a Halifax plumbing contractor to conduct a special Halifax leak detection, and do that Halifax garbage disposal repair it is the professionals that you want. Proper plumbing makes for a hygienic home. If you are washing dishes or clothes it is scientifically proven that hot water eliminates the bacteria and viruses that can cause all kinds of illness including the common cold.

One of the most important steps to making your house feel your like place is having the best plumber getting things done. At Halifax Plumbing Pros we have the best in the business.



At our business our professionals know everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling. We have been performing bathroom remodeling since we opened. We are well versed in tub installation, shower installation, toilet installation, and even tankless water heater installation. We can work on these complicated home renovations for you and the job will be done quickly and efficiently with no headache to you.

We are also well skilled in re-piping, sewer repair, burst pipe repair, leak detection and leak location. Informed and experienced with most models of tubs  toilets and showers, our professionals are well skilled at these types of renovations and repairs.



With residential plumbing it is best to save yourself the stress and call one of our team members.  Readily available for all sorts of questions one of our personnel will get the phone and answer any questions you have. Whether it is a leak, a burst pipe, a clogged drain we can help you and advise the best course of action. When on the phone our team member can set up an appointment for whenever you wish, and have one of our experts come over and help you out.

With our emergency plumber service and just our regular residential plumbing services, we are really always here for you. Just give us a call.


Skill set 

The skills of our contractors and their know how of residential plumbing are vast. They are of an expert level. Our skills combine the latest in plumbing technology with the know how of older piping. Certified trained experienced and knowledgeable, the licensed plumbers of Halifax Plumbing pros are you trusted residential plumbers for Halifax.

No matter what the job is when you hire us the task is completed not only in record time but also with little mess and with great skill. Burst pipes, installation, slab leak repair, and even rooter service: if you are looking for expertise you have come to the right place.

Halifax, NS