What To Do With An Overflowing Toilet?

Do you have a toilet that is overflowing? The best option is to take immediate action because any delay can lead to more problems in your home. It is critical you understand the best way to stop this overflow. You should also make sure you look at the actual cause of this overflow. So, what should you do with an overflowing toilet?

Stop the water

When you realize that your toilet is overflowing, the first thing to do is to stop the water. You can stop the water using the following methods.

Close the flapper located in the toilet tank

One of the ways you can stop the water is by closing the flapper inside your toilet tank. Remove the toilet tank lid and have a look at the inside of the tank. At the bottom of the tank, you will find a flapper covering the opening of the toilet bowl. All you need to do from there is to push the flapper down inside your tank. This helps top the water from coming from the tank and entering into the toilet bowl.

Lift the float

Inside your toilet tank, there is a float. You can stop the water from exiting by lifting this float. The float is involved in controlling water flow into the toilet tank. When you lift the float, the water is shut off.

Turn off the water valve

The other way you can stop the water is by turning off the water valve found at the bottom of the toilet. When you turn off the valve, the water flow into the toilet is shut off. You should use this method as the last option because it is usually hard to turn the valve.

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