Why Do Your Faucets Make Noise?

At times you might turn on your faucet and hear unusual noise. This is not normal so you need to know what is causing the noises. Here are some of the reasons faucets make noise.

Clogged aerator

One of the reasons your faucet might be making noise is a result of a clogged aerator. If the aerator gets clogged or coated with mineral deposits, the tap will make noise. If you confirm this is the cause of the problem, just replace the aerator with a new one.

Dysfunctional washers

Damaged washers can make your faucet to produce noise. There are washers in the handles of your faucet. If you hear the noise, remove the washers to check if they are worn-out, incorrectly sized or aged. When you detect one of these problems, you need to replace them with new ones.

Water pressure issues

If your water supply system has high water pressure, the faucets can make noise. To test if this is the issue, use pressure gauge to test the pressure. If the pressure is too high, you need to put a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure and the noise.

Worn-out or aging pipes

Another reason your faucet might be producing noise is worn-out or old pipes. The noise might also result from pipes that are too small to the extent that they cannot accommodate your water supply needs effectively. Have all the old pipes replaced or install bigger pipes to resolve the problem.

To resolve the above problems, it is good you work with a plumber with the right training on how to detect and sole each of the issue.

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